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Daniel Svendsen

I am a driven software developer, with a great determination once the task has been set. During the course of my studies, my interest of contributing to the field of software technology as well as artificial intelligence has increased significantly. My practical experience, working as an Software Developer in Test at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, followed by a four month internship at Conexus Portugal developing on the UI and internal mechanics of a loan decision engine for financial corporationgs has confirmed me of my interest in Software Development and my future avocation.

Daniel Svendsen
Frimestervej 13, 1tv,
2400 København NV

+45 61 77 62 42
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Daniel Svendsen

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Final Words

I am currently 26 years of age, attending the Technical University of Denmark, where I am writing my master thesis. I enjoy learning about software development, programming and in particular artificial intelligence. I am a fast and eager learner, and a responsible person. In my spare time I run and work out three to four times a week, as well as work on a few self-assigned coding projects. I also enjoy singing, attending the 8 vocal choir Rockkoret in downtown Copenhagen once a week.

Curriculum Vitae